The new issue of Moments is out

Read about famous Danish architect Helle Juul and her take on the role of architecture in society, the best food and wine pairings, the secret behind Silicon Valley’s richly innovative corporate culutre, and waht maes Gothenburg an incredible city for meetings.

Get your copy of Moments at our venue, or read it online. Moments is available in english and swedish, and is released twice a year, next coming out in February 2017.


The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center Group, SECC, in Gothenburg, has the vision of becoming Europe’s most attractive venue by providing the best overall experience. SECC also owns Gothia Towers, one of Europe’s ten largest hotels. The venue also has an art gallery, a pop-up theatre, a three-storey spa & relax and eight restaurants. Every year, around 1.8 million people from all over the world choose to come to us to meet, eat and stay and develop business, products or ideas.