A sustainable society

We choose to support organisations and projects that work for good causes at a local level.

Our partners

Göteborgs Räddningsmission

Göteborgs Räddningsmission helps people on the outer edges of society. As their partner, we buy their eco-labeled jam, marmelade and vegetables from their organic farm at Björlanda Prästgård. We also give away leftover food to their café in Gothenburg, and arrange a fund-raising collection of christmas presents each year for those who are homeless and in great need.

El Sistema

El Sistemas Vänner i Göteborg is a voluntary organisation with roots in Venezuela, which uses music to create positive social change in children’s lives. As their partner, we support their organisation in Gothenburg and co-host concerts. About 1.600 children are today taught a wide range of instruments in the Gothenburg area.

Flickor som gör high five
Flyktingbarn samtalar i ett kök
En tallrik frukostflingor på Café Vasagatan
Christmas gifts for needy children