Our contribution

We wish to contribute to healthy people and a healthy environment, for which reason we actively work on areas where we have the greatest influence.

Work environment

We are dedicated to create a safe work environment for our employees. The work comprises everything from the air, sound and light on our meetings place to our employee’s well-being and our organization. We strive to prevent ill health and accidents at work, and constantly do follow-ups about our employee’s work situation as a part of our educations, workshops and employee surveys.


We wish to reduce the total quantity of waste and make it easier for our guests, visitors and exhibitors to manage their waste. There are now containers into which to sort paper, flammable material, glass and cans in most public areas and all hotel rooms.

About 80% of our waste is recycled and some is composted and rotted to be turned into biogas, which is then used to fuel ovens in the restaurant kitchens: in this way we close the circle.

We donate our old hardware to IT4Kids, a foundation that strives to contribute to a healthy future and sporting development of children. The foundation does this by giving companies and organizations the opportunity to donate their revenues from IT hardware replacement to charity. This year we’ve donated our revenue, via the IT4Kids foundation, to Gothenburg’s Rescue Mission’s operation Solrosen.



We endeavour to ensure that all products that are used in day-to-day operations have eco-labelling with the EU flower, the Swan mark or Bra Miljöval. This applies to everything from dishwasher powder to cleaning agents for windows, floors and toilets, as well as paint and glue. We constantly work to limit the need for chemicals, including by changing working methods and using innovative solutions.


Our intention is to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic density in central Göteborg. We optimise our logistics by combining loads and compressing the volume of goods to and from our facilities. In this way, we save one in three inward transports. For customers who wish to take an active responsibility, we offer climate-compensated transport options. All goods transports we perform for ourselves are climate-compensated.

We have also reduced the number of transports to the restaurants with improved control and coordination of purchasing from larger and smaller suppliers.

Food and beverage

The key words that we strive to follow in what our restaurants offer are organic, local and fair. These are also the criteria we follow when choosing between otherwise equivalent products. Our wine list already contains a number of organic options.

Energy and climate

We wish to offer a climate-neutral meeting place, which means that renewable energy is a must for us. The power we use today comes from the wind, because the entire facility’s electricity needs are covered by wind power. This has led to reducing  CO2 emissions from our facilities with slightly more than 5,500 tonnes in 2016.

We are also constantly working to reduce our energy consumption by optimising our buildings, lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling and behaviour.

Social commitment

We choose to support organisations and projects that work for good causes at a local level. Our partners are The Rescue Mission of Gothenburg and Friends of El Sistema in Gothenburg.

The Rescue Mission of Gothenburg

The Rescue Mission of Gothenburg helps people on the outer edges of society. As their partner, we give away leftover food to their café in Gothenburg, and arrange a fund-raising collection of christmas presents each year for those who are homeless and in great need.

Friends of El Sistema in Gothenburg

Friends of El Sistema in Gothenburg is a voluntary organisation with roots in Venezuela, which uses music to create positive social change in children’s lives. As their partner, we support their organisation in Gothenburg and co-host concerts. About 1.600 children are today taught a wide range of instruments in the Gothenburg area.

Every year, around 1.8 million people from all over the world choose to come to us to meet, eat and stay and develop business, products or ideas.

Carin Kindbom vd Svenska Mässan koncernen Carin Kindbom, President and CEO, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group
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