Accessible for everyone

Everyone, regardless of personal circumstances, should be able to visit us.

Thresholds, lifts, toilets and hotel rooms – we plan for both long- and short-term adaptation of our premises. We keep updated information about our premises accesibility on the Accessibility Database. The database also allows you to search for availability of other parts of our meeting place, and of other hotels and meeting points in the city.

There is basic accessibility in all exhibition halls, conference venues and restaurants.

Persons accompanying disabled visitors have free entrance to trade fairs. Contact the information desk at the entrance to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre for more information. Certified guide dogs are permitted in all the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre’s premises. Contact the reception desk at Gothia Towers for similar details about shows at the Theatre and information about disabled rooms.

Wheelchairs may be hired during trade fairs and are obtained from the information desk at the main entrance (entrance No 5) to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. Book a wheelchair via or telephone +46 (0) 31-708 84 50.


Every year, around 1.8 million people from all over the world choose to come to us to meet, eat and stay and develop business, products or ideas.

Carin Kindbom vd Svenska Mässan koncernen Carin Kindbom, President and CEO, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group